Enabling With Efficient Data Center Operations
Datacenter infrastructure refers to the components that make up a data centre’s physical infrastructure — networking equipment, storage devices, and switches. Through DCIM, it provides the processing power that organizations need to run their applications and manage their IT operations.                        

Benefits of Data Center Infrastructure Management

Enhanced Uptime

Constantly monitoring critical facilities' infrastructure, with built in alerting, you can react before failures impact users and services.

Increase Efficiency

Increase Efficiency Increasing operational efficiency to optimised Data Center Infrastructure.

Planning & Utilization

Rapid allocation of new servers and managing relationships between IT equipments and critical facilities infrastructure in a few clicks.


Process assurance, tracking and audit trails dramatically increase employee productivity and morale.

Delve Into Success With Software Product Engineering

Develop, Rebuild Or Innovate. Our expertise in software product engineering has helped clients across the world with a clear product development roadmap and a faster Go-To-Market Strategy. From Design, Development To Deployment, our skilled software product engineers and consultants strategically help you deliver the best to the world.

Why do you need a DCIM Partner?

A DCIM partner helps you fully optimize your Data Center. The partner acts as your extended IT team and allows you to focus on your core competencies. A DCIM partner helps deliver the distinct enhancement that is needed in your data centre infrastructure. It can be a simple subject of energy distribution, needs of growing equipment densities to something complex around Compute + Storage + Network.

Why Scaleworx

Including our founders, we have seasoned and dedicated 15+ years of architects who specialize in setting + provisioning + configuring on-premise infrastructure remotely. We make sure we deploy both reliable and intelligent tools and hardware. Having handled large-scale data centers and infrastructure – we are turning out to be the most sought-after DCIM partner.

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