Observability & Monitoring

Observability and Monitoring are both tooling solutions that engineers and architects use to gather inputs on their infrastructure systems. They provide the necessary insights such as the overall health of the systems, customer experience, business metrics, and unknowns, identify infrastructure problems and mitigate risks.

Purpose of Observability & Monitoring

What We Offer

Observability & Monitoring Consulting Strategy
Provide consultancy services from the inception of the code development by utilising open source tools (such as ELK, PLG, Opentelemetry, and Jaeger) until its effective delivery & deployment.
Implementation of Observability & Monitoring
Scaleworx has dedicated observability & monitoring implementation specialists who can assist you in selecting the right solutions (such as Datadog, New Relic, and Dynatrace) to provide transparency and security that your platform or system requires.
Managed Services
Day in - day out support for regular maintenance of observability and monitoring tools. This solution can range from troubleshooting the patches in infrastructure or working on current code

Why Scaleworx



We not only observe and monitor separate entities of IT infrastructure systems but make sure to include public cloud services like serverless functions and container orchestration platforms like Kubernetes.


Our core functionalities include: Collection Agents, Logs & Metrics Storage, Alerts, Dashboards, Reports, Analytics.


Not only do we observe and monitor entities of IT infrastructure systems, but also ensure that public cloud services such as serverless functions and container orchestration platforms such as Kubernetes are included.


We ensure to get granular and contextual insight into the health of your environment despite the added complexity of microservices architectures.

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