Ensuring end-to-end Security for Softwares
Integrating security of testing and protection during the SDLC. DevSecOps is the convergence of Development Security and Operations to seamlessly integrate secure ecosystem for CI/CD pipelines.


What good is software that isn't secure? With DevSecOps, the reliability of the software is tested and enhanced at the same time ensuring that it doesn't slow down business operations. Scaleworx with its team of Architects and SecOps experts, manage the end-to-end Software during the development lifecycle and resolve your security issues through our best-in-class Automated security controls, Code scanning, Vulnerability assessment, Access management, Threat modeling, and Log management techniques.

Scaleworx Process for DevSecOps

Why Scaleworx

We provide DevSecOps consulting services to our clients by evaluating and strategizing an approach from infrastructure-as-code and compliance-as-code. We ensure the priorities are organised in a manner to focus on releasing a secure software than fixing errors.

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