Continuous Integration & Delivery

CI/CD practices in DevOps enable the development team to rapidly test and deploy applications. Continuous Integration is a development procedure, where a new code is integrated several times. This takes place through an automated pipeline and gives spontaneous responses. Continuous Delivery is followed by CI, for introducing new features, bug fixes, and updates with the necessary due diligence of bug safety checks.

CI/CD Pipeline

A CI/CD Pipeline is serial order of events that happen before the deployment of an updated code. A Pipeline ensures a sequential process with stages through which a code goes before deployment.

Advantages of CI/CD

Improved Efficiency
Rapid deployment
Better Team Visibility
Real-time bug feedbacks
High-quality code

Why Scaleworx?

We ensure that we leverage the most optimised and cost-effective tools, that enable our teams to deploy products features rapidly through a viable pipeline with an automated process.
We utilise our site reliability engineering expertise for making sure that our partners tackle their infrastructure and operations security vulnerabilities with minimal human interventions. We leverage the pool of various cloud-based technologies that enable us & our partners to build apps, run automated tests in tandem, deploy applications to testers, and monitor and control user reviews to speed up the creation and delivery of high-quality apps.
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