Infrastructure as a Code

Powering Infrastructure Automation With Code
Infrastructure as Code is a process, where data center managing and provisioning is accomplished through machine-readable files. In simple terms, IaC manages infrastructure through code, rather than the legacy manual processes. At Scaleworx, we bank on our expertise and our in-depth understanding of the principles surrounding Infrastructure as a Code. We ensure infrastructure automation with code.

Benefits of of Infrastructure as a Code

IaC with time has evolved to solve challenges in the deployment pipeline. It enables teams to test software in production surroundings early on. This helps validate and mitigate the chances of deployment issues. DevOp teams that leverage IaC can achieve stable environments rapidly and scale.
Cost Reduction
Reduced errors
Eliminate configuration drift

Our Process

While Infrastructure as a code and Cloud Computing might resonate similarly in offerings, we at Scaleworx approach this based on individual scenarios and needs of our partners.

Why ScaleWorx?



Scaleworx architect defines and writes the infrastructure specification in a domain-specific language.


Our engineers focus on what the ultimate target configuration ought to be; and the way the infrastructure is to be modified to achieve this.


We adhere to templatize the configuration for the unique environment and deploy over and over by eliminating the manual process.


We run a unique script you can set up complete infrastructure right from development > Staging > QA > to Production.


Apply testing to infrastructure within the kind of unit testing, purposeful testing, and integration testing.

Case Study

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